In the realm of unconventional medicine, few figures are as polarizing as Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. His journey began with a personal tragedy, when his son Dirk was shot by Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the son of the last king of Italy, while asleep on a yacht off Cavallo island, Corsica, on 8 August 1978. Dirk later died from his injuries on 7 December of the same year. Following this tragic event, Hamer himself developed testicular cancer. He believed there was a connection between the shock of his son’s death and his own cancer diagnosis.

This led him to develop the Germanic New Medicine (GNM), which is based on what he termed the “five biological laws”. These laws, which challenge conventional medical understanding, propose that diseases, including cancer, are caused by unresolved psychological conflicts, and that resolving these conflicts leads to healing.

Hamer’s theories, while largely dismissed by the mainstream medical community, have found a following among those seeking alternative treatments.

German New Medicine is not just a new approach to medicine; it represents a shift in consciousness. It is the realization that our bodies possess an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities. Each cell in our body is endowed with a biological wisdom we share with all living beings. This is the core philosophy of GNM, a groundbreaking medical discovery by Dr. Hamer, and it is this philosophy that the LearningGNM website is dedicated to spreading.

The LearningGNM Website: A Beacon of Knowledge

The LearningGNM website is a platform that brings Dr. Hamer’s revolutionary medical discoveries to the attention of health professionals and the public. The site offers a variety of presentations, including written content, live classes, lecture DVDs, and online tutorials, all focusing exclusively on the science of GNM. The creators of the website are committed to maintaining the authenticity of Dr. Hamer’s research and safeguarding his original work for future generations.

International Reach and Impact

The LearningGNM’s annual International GNM Conferences have attracted participants from 32 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Russia, South Africa, the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as most countries in South America and Europe. Many of the students who have attended these conferences are now teaching the principles of GNM in their communities, thereby spreading this invaluable knowledge.

Standing Up for Truth and Social Responsibility

The LearningGNM community believes that standing up for the truth of The Five Biological Laws, the foundational principles of GNM, is a matter of social responsibility and care for humankind. They welcome people from all walks of life to share this new understanding of health and healing with their family and friends, so that more people can enjoy the freedom and empowerment that GNM offers.

A Word from the Creator

Dr. Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., the creator of the LearningGNM website, is a dedicated advocate of German New Medicine (GNM). She has devoted her career to spreading the revolutionary medical discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer, the originator of GNM.

Dr. Markolin’s work is primarily focused on educating health professionals and the general public about the principles of GNM. She has created a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of resources, including written content, live classes, lecture DVDs, and online tutorials, all focusing exclusively on the science of GNM.

For more in-depth understanding, you can explore the Five Biological Laws, delve into Tutorials & Videos, or read about Dr. Hamer’s Biography.


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