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Recently, I’ve become something of a “health mentor” to my family and friends, victims of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. My top recommendation? Walking. Not just because it’s a great opportunity to catch up on symphonies and novels, turning seemingly…

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In our lives, we often encounter situations filled with stress and anxiety, such as an important interview, exam, or significant event. There is a method that allows you to effectively cope with excitement and even use it to your advantage…

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The liver, a vital organ with functions that impact everything from our digestion to our emotional well-being, is intricately linked to the overall harmony of our health. Its malfunctions can manifest in diverse ways, ranging from disruptive digestive complications to…

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Why are parasites difficult to detect? What are the signs of parasitic infection you can identify yourself? What treatments are recommended and what is the best prevention? Let’s briefly and clearly examine these questions. Types of Parasites, Worms, and Helminths…

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