I’ve already written about how I conducted studies of biological age of ten longevity enthusiasts using the website age.toolpie.com.

Biological age is a measure of the physiological state of an organism, which can differ from its chronological age and reflects the influence of genetics, lifestyle, and environment on health.

Many who have used this site note its high accuracy, but the evaluation criteria here are not entirely clear, so it would be good to have more tools for such age assessment (besides complex and expensive chemical analysis). And there is such a tool – the widely known ChatGPT.

If you ask ChatGPT to estimate biological age from a photograph, it may initially refuse, for example:

But you need to be more persistent, and it will gradually start to give in:

Even more persistent:

And even more persistent:

And now we get a value with a spread of only three years: from 53 to 55 years old.

And most surprisingly, the aforementioned age.toolpie.com gives a value of 54 years for the same photograph! I’m not lying! It’s actually such an amazing coincidence. And such a coincidence of results allows me to more confidently talk about the fact that determining biological age from a photo gives quite accurate results.

Also, I noticed that similar measurements made at the beginning of the day, within tens of minutes after waking up (or after a daytime power nap), show an age several years younger than in the afternoon or evening or after heavy physical exertion. But that’s a topic for a separate article.

Stay healthy and young!


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