In our lives, we often encounter situations filled with stress and anxiety, such as an important interview, exam, or significant event. There is a method that allows you to effectively cope with excitement and even use it to your advantage – this is the simulation of stressful scenarios combined with physical activity. I often employ this method when anticipating a nerve-wracking trip or event, knowing it can diminish the impending adrenaline rush that might otherwise disrupt my actions and recall abilities.

The principle of the method is simple: during physical exertion, when your pulse reaches 100-140 beats per minute and adrenaline is off the charts, mentally immerse yourself in the upcoming stressful situation. Imagine that you are already there: at the exam, interview, or any other troubling environment. Play out the worst scenario in your mind: your actions, reactions, and even possible failures.

Such “rehearsing” causes anxiety, but in the context of physical exertion, the body reacts differently to stress. Adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones, “burn off” with the accelerated heartbeats, and you begin to get used to the state of tension. With each time, the emotions become less intense, the level of anxiety decreases, and you gain the ability to remain calm in real-life situations.

By practicing this method, you train your brain to function under stress. In real life, when you face a previously “rehearsed” situation, your reactions will be more restrained, and your thoughts – clear and organized. Fear will not block your ability to recall information, and adrenaline will not interfere with logical thinking.

This method is applicable to any life circumstances: whether it is professional activity, personal relationships, or public performances. The essence is not in the physical activity itself, although it is a key element, but in the ability to get rid of excessive adrenaline in advance and train the mind to be highly concentrated despite external pressure.

Start practicing this method well in advance, and you will find that in real situations, stress no longer affects you as strongly. Your reactions become more thoughtful, and fear does not dominate your consciousness, allowing you to maintain clarity of mind and honorably overcome any life challenges.

Method Summary
To tame stress, use the method of mental rehearsals of upcoming stressful events during intense physical exercise; this helps to reduce emotional response and enhance the ability to cope with real stress.


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