I’m about to share a simple, yet highly beneficial tip that will significantly enhance the effectiveness of your workouts for many who aren’t currently doing this. One of the invaluable advantages of this method is that it requires no supplements or special sports equipment: everything you need to drastically improve your workout efficiency is already within you.

This method is rooted in a straightforward observation: during physical exertion, our breathing rate and volume increase. This happens due to the heightened metabolic demand of muscle cells, which consume more oxygen and produce more carbon dioxide. To satisfy this augmented demand and remove excess carbon dioxide, our body increases the frequency and depth of our respiratory movements. This process is further stimulated by the activation of our nervous system, making this enhanced breathing intensity a crucial adaptive response to physical activity.

Typically, before embarking on a training set, our breathing intensity is low and only escalates towards the end of the set, roughly 10-20 seconds after commencement. As a result, the first part of the set doesn’t receive the full benefit. However, if we start to breathe intensively in ADVANCE, we prepare our body for the exercise, leading to more energy for every movement.

So, what do I do? I simply take ten deep inhales and exhales BEFORE executing each set. As a consequence, my strength boosts by 10-20% from the one-repetition maximum (1RM), and my muscles grow significantly faster (I routinely check my body composition using the InBody 770 device).

Moreover, with increased oxygen levels in the blood, fat burns quicker, muscles recover better, and central nervous system fatigue sets in later. You can inhale either through your nose (recommended) or your mouth. The exhale is deep, under the diaphragm, and concurrently provides a beneficial massage to the internal organs.

This straightforward tip will offer you more energy and muscle growth than all the BCAAs, proteins, and creatines combined! Try applying this technique for two weeks and share your results in the comments.


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