Inspired by the results of analyzing the biological ages of renowned anti-aging advocates through their photos, particularly the remarkable results of David Sinclair, I decided to conduct a more detailed analysis of his images over different years. Here are the findings.


Source videos:
I only found two videos from 2015, so I included one from 2016.
Detected ages: (43 + 39 + 42)/3 = 41.3 years.
Actual age: 45.5 years.
Difference: 41.3 – 45.5 = -4.2 years.


Source videos:
Again, I had to include one video from 2018 as I couldn’t find three from 2017.
Detected ages: (45 + 42 + 42)/3 = 43.0 years.
Actual age: 47.5 years.
Difference: 43.0 – 47.5 = -4.5 years.


Source videos:
Detected ages: (36 + 36 + 39)/3 = 37.0 years.
Actual age: 49.5 years.
Difference: 37.0 – 49.5 = -12.5 years.


Source videos:
Detected ages: (32 + 32 + 39)/3 = 34.3 years.
Actual age: 51.5 years.
Difference: 34.3 – 51.5 = -17.2 years.

Despite the good results, I can’t help but wonder if the ‘crisis-quality’ videos from our rather theatrically-handled “COVID-era” may have affected age detection due to the blurred screenshots. Blurred images can smooth out wrinkles! 🙂


Source videos:
Detected ages: (35 + 39 + 40)/3 = 38.0 years.
Actual age: 53.5 years.
Difference: 38.0 – 53.5 = -15.5 years.

If we attribute the excellent results of 2021 to the blurred images, we could potentially “flatten the curve” (jokingly) and postulate that David’s anti-aging process is on the right track. It could be argued that he has managed to halt his apparent aging since 2017.

For more accurate averaging, I’ll also incorporate previous data I’ve collected on David. This leads to the following table (I’ve omitted the calculations for brevity):

Years gained4.24.511.817.214.015.2
David Sinclair's annual age reduction
The ordinate axis shows by how many years David is younger than his calendar age

It’s interesting that David himself says that according to his DNA test, he is 10 years younger than his chronological age. – Even more, David!

My next task is to analyze the information shared by David during the period of 2017-2019, to try to understand what significant changes he made in his life to achieve such extraordinary results. If you have any ideas, please share them in the comments.


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